God’s Love Makes You Exceptional (11th May 2021)

Psalm 84:11 (HCSB) – For the LORD God is a sun and shield. The LORD gives grace and glory; He does not withhold the good from those who live with integrity.

When you love God you will live in the abundance of His glory and grace because He gives His children good gifts withholding nothing from them. If all you have is Jesus and His Love you have everything because Jesus is more than the most valuable gold on earth. He will be your everlasting light guiding you from groping in darkness. God is a sun and a shield for His lovers meaning that He makes us shine forth with kindness, favor, honor, mercy and truth. All these experiences make us stand out and be exceptional among our peers. His glory radiates through us making us difficult to be ignored and just like the sun we will shine everywhere we go.


Father please let your mercy keep me so that I will not let go of you in the midst of pressure in Jesus name.

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