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Public Health

Public Health involves protecting and improving the health of the population. Public health spans across all age groups and it involves all aspects of human health maternal and child health, newborn health, adolescent health, women of reproductive years (i.e. health in women who have the highest chances of giving birth that that women between the ages of 15-49 years). There are 5 core disciplines of Public health- Epidemiology, Environmental Science, Biostatistics, Behavioral Sciences and Health Care Administration. This page is dedicated to create awareness through health education on different public health issues that affect everyone.

On this page and through my YouTube channel I will be providing simple and easy to understand public health education. I’ll also be relating the health topics I will be educating you about to the human psyche – the elements that make up a human’s mind including thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s important we are aware of the role health plays through your psyche and how this all works together to producing you- your actions, decisions and reactions.

 So you can call me your Public Health Ambassador! Smiles…

Please find the catalogue of my videos below.


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