God’s Love Will Bless You Beyond Human Limit (14th November 2021)

Job 36:22-24 (CEV) – God’s power is unlimited. He needs no teachers to guide or correct him. Others have praised God for what he has done, so join with them.

Limit are placed by human or by principalities and powers that are ruling this world but they are supposed to be broken by God’s soldiers. A limit is anything that is truncating stagnating, restricting, preventing someone from moving freely. It provides a meager, insufficient, inadequate, minimal, insubstantial, and finite standard of living. But God’s blessing is anything but finite and limited. And because God’s blessing is infinite our growth should not be held at a level. We should not be barricaded by anything on our way to our greatness. Nothing will be broken or limited. We will tap all the resource and deposit inside of us.


Father by your mighty arm take off every limit not placed by you in my life in Jesus name.

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