God’s Love Is Majestic (26th February 2021)

Job 37:22 (AMPC) – Golden brightness and splendor come out of the north; [if men can scarcely look upon it, how much less upon the] terrible splendor and majesty God has upon Himself!

God’s nature is splendor and majestic. His voice is majestic, His name is reverently feared and His presence is full of splendor. He emits golden brightness and shines forth in royal love to all His children making them reflect the brightness of the radiating light of His majestic glory. This is why when God finished creating the heaven and the earth He said light be! Because He cannot work with anything that is without light. Dear friend, do not be afraid to receive the light of His love in you and shine with golden brightness in your world. Shine in greatness and majesty as the Lord has willed for you. Shine until nations and kingdoms come to you to seek of your favor.


Father every barrier that is hindering me from shinning be rolled away permanently in Jesus name.

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