God’s Love Guarantees a Bright Tomorrow (10th May 2021)

Proverbs 23:18 (TPT) – Your future is bright and filled with a living hope that will never fade away.

We derive our confidence in a bright future because God has promised to be with us till the end. And because God is with us, we will never lack any good thing. God who started a good work in your life by revealing Himself with you will also reveal His power, might, glory, beauty, majesty and grace. God will cloth you with the garment of favor so that you will have ease of access to where you need to enter to access your uplifting. Our inheritance in God is incorruptible and it can never be taken from us. As you submit to Him you will experience unlimited brightness as your days go by.


Father please make my path clear so I will follow you without struggling in Jesus name.

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