God’s Love Will Keep You From Slipping (30th December 2020)

Psalm 66:9 (HCSB) – God keeps us alive and does not allow our feet to slip.

When we count all the blessings that God has given us since the beginning of the year, we will not be able to exhaust the list. Among all the great blessings is the fact that God kept our feet from slipping. He made our feet broader so that our steps are of large and cover a large distance in a shorter time. This means that we accomplished tasks speedily by His assistance. Another meaning is that He protected you from walking into evil and guided you into prepared goodness by leading you along the path of justice and righteous living. In the new year, your steps will be ordered by God and your ways will bring Him great delight.


Father please continue to keep my foot from slipping all through the year 2021 in Jesus name.

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