God’s Love Will Keep Your Territory Safe (26th November 2020)

Psalm 145:4 (CSB) – One generation will declare your works to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts.

One of our major tasks on earth is bringing all creation under the influence of Jesus Christ and His values. Your territory should be so influenced that the moral standard and excellence seen becomes globally commendable because you have allowed the kingdom of God to find expression. Your community will be free from decadence and the ills of society once the kingdom of heaven is established there. Your light also will so shine among your neighbors that they will come to you to learn the way of righteousness. You can preserve Heavens culture and extend it to those around you by being the light. Always endeavor to teach others how to love, be kind, to honor everyone they come across and always to lend a helping hand to those genuinely in need. Your softness will chase away wrath from your environment.


Father please make me a vessel of influence where kingdom values flow from heaven to the earth through me.

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