God’s Love Will Be Your Crowning Glory (21st August 2020)

1 Peter 5:4 (KJV) – When the chief shepherd comes, you will receive a crown of glory.

A crown of glory is the reward given to a faithful Christian. It is an extraordinary achievement and a victor’s honor to wear such crown of glory. Nothing compares to the joy that you express when you receive the victor’s crown of glory. There are many blessings attached to those who obey God which is why we must fight the good fight of faith. These are extra blessings in addition to the gift of salvation that initiates a believer to the God kind of life. You must endure trials and temptations until you cross the finished line. Those who forsake everything else and prioritize His kingdom will receive a hundred fold reward on earth and in heaven.


Father please help me endure persecution and follow you till the end in Jesus name

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