God’s Love Will Reveal Wondrous Things to You (17th November 2020)

Psalm 119:18 (KJV) – Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.

One of God’s names is Wonderful because He is a God full of wonders! His acts, His mercies, His lovingkindness are all full of awe-inspiring deeds. His Love and grace is amazing which is why if you do not have a relationship with God you are missing a great deal. His wonders stem out of His law meaning that you experience wonderful things when you begin to observe His laws. For example, when you begin to give, it will surprise you how things start multiplying for you. When you practice honor towards all men, your life progresses seamlessly as obstacles begin to give way for you. God is a way maker and He will make every dry ground become a fruitful field for you in Jesus name.


Father please reveal to me wondrous things out of your instructions contained in the bible in Jesus name.

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