The Power of Numbers

Numbers? Yes numbers! Like counting one, two, three.
I recently have a friend who recently won an audition for an innovative idea among many other contestants. The requirement was to get as many comments and likes on her innovative idea on Instagram. This was difficult because she had not put out her product on Instagram. How would she be able to gather many comments to be selected as the winner. First she got a good photographer to put take good pictures of her product and then she contacted her graphic designer to do something attractive. She put it online but still no one knew about her product. Next she thought about the people she had around her who can be of help. But still she had not even gotten up to fifty likes or comments. After battling with quitting and giving up, she thought to reach out to her 50 friends to help reach out to their friends. As at the Last round of pitching before the panel, she had over 350 likes and 300 comments. Of course my friend won because of the power of numbers.

This story is to encourage you that you will win only by the power of numbers. Whatever your winning looks like, you will have to gather strength from people around you that you know. You will have to treat everyone you meet like you would need them in life in a near future. You may never know who that stranger you greeted is or what they mean to you yet until you are faced with a dire situation when you need their help. Always protect the numbers God brings your way by harnessing your kindness toward them. Treat them honorable and as much as you can help put a smile on their faces. Always remember there is power in numbers.

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