God’s Love Will Make You A Poverty Alleviator (28th December 2020)

Proverbs 10:15 (NKJV) – The rich man’s wealth is his strong city; The destruction of the poor is their poverty.

There is a type of security that wealth brings to the believer that the poor does not experience. Although we do not trust in wealth or boast in riches, God blesses those who are obedient with wealth to serve as a fortress in their city. The poor are always despised, and thus miss opportunities because they are not usually aware of good things are presented. God will lift us up out of the pit of lack and bring us into a place of abundance so that we will in turn help those beneath to also rise. They may not have the best character but if we persevere and pray with them and for them, they all also experience liberation from the spirit of lack.


Father please help me to be an alleviator of poverty as we enter the new year in Jesus name.

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