God’s Love Will Burn Away Impurities (27th December 2020)

Isaiah 4:5 (GNT) – Then over Mount Zion and over all who are gathered there, the LORD will send a cloud in the daytime and smoke and a bright flame at night. God’s glory will cover and protect the whole city.

The fire of God represents different divine manifestations of God. It brings revelation because God speaks to us through His fire and lets us hear His voice to discipline and correct us in the midst of the fire. Though we walk through the fire we do not get burned rather His fire refines us and makes us pure. The fire is another form of God’s glory that shines over His children causing them to shine so bright while gaining clarity in the darkness that surrounds us. His fire represents royalty as fire surrounded His throne in Daniels vision. God’s fire also represents judgement when He is angry. He will consume our enemies before us until we possess our possessions.


Father please help me experience the purifying fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

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