God’s Love Will Provide Clarity on Spiritual Things For Your Benefit (28th September 2020)

1 Corinthians 2:14 (KJV) – This is why only someone who has God’s Spirit can understand spiritual blessings. Anyone who doesn’t have God’s Spirit thinks these blessings are foolish.

There is a saying that when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. This is truer even for God’s children if we do not read His word to understand what message God is trying to pass across. A scripture may mean five different things to five different people which is why we must ask for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Depending on God’s purpose for your life the holy spirit can provide specific clarification on verses that pertain to your godly and victorious living on earth. Whoever does not have the Spirit cannot place value on spiritual source of blessing which will hinder them from receiving the gifts that come from God’s Spirit.


Father please grant me more clarity as I study The Word so that I can receive every hidden treasure contained in it.

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