The Love of God is the Ultimate Assurance (8th June 2020)

Isaiah 46:4 (MSG) – “Listen to me, family of Jacob, everyone that’s left of the family of Israel.
I’ve been carrying you on my back from the day you were born, and I’ll keep on carrying you when you’re old. I’ll be there, bearing you when you’re old and gray. I’ve done it and will keep on doing it, carrying you on my back, saving you.


God has meticulously planned our lives and he assures us of His guidance to bring us to our happy place, to keep us alive, unhurt and with a chance to hope and live a good life. Whatever you aspire in life, God has you covered. His insurance over your life and well being lasts for a lifetime. Just like insurance companies hope that you will not have to come in for a replacement or repair, God keeps a night and day watch over your life and everything that concerns you. He will keep you have from all harm and if you’ve miss your way; He will be right on time when you call on Him.



Lord Help me to always rely on your assuring Love that keeps me in perfect peace in Jesus name.

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