God’s Love Will Reveal His Goodness (5th September 2021)

Psalm 118:29 (NLT) – Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever.

God in Himself is goodness personified because He is not only a good God but He is goodness itself just like He is love. When God expresses His goodness, there is the active manifestation of His love as benevolence, grace, longsuffering. Once you partner with God through a system of koinonia, God will empower you so you can manifest His good attributes. By the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of us, we can be full of goodness and the knowledge of how this goodness can find various expressions is revealed to us. We can show mercy to others as with fathers when their children cry. We can also be generous in lending to those in need on time.


Father that you for you are good, kind and merciful to all in Jesus name.

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