God’s Love Will Be Your Guaranteed Security (23rd December 2020)

2 Corinthians 1:22 (AMP) –  it is He who has also put His seal on us [that is, He has appropriated us and certified us as His] and has given us the [Holy] Spirit in our hearts as a pledge [like a security deposit to guarantee the fulfillment of His promise of eternal life].

God gave us His peace by gifting us with His Holy spirit to calm our inner mind and ensure our spiritual well-being. Christ suffered so that we may enjoy abundance and be comforted in this world. The troubles and tribulations He went through are for our salvation and encouragement so we may continue the journey of faith having confidence to the finished work of Christ. Always live a life with pure motives and be sincere in everything you do. The blood of Jesus is guaranteed will speak better things on behalf of all them that believe in Him.


Father please help me to be rest assured of my eternal security in Christ in Jesus name

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