God’s Love Is His Perfect Plan For Humanity (21st December 2020)

God wants us to experience the fullness of His life Here on earth if we can only choose to follow His ways. Man is naturally impatient, stubborn and lacks understanding. This results in lack of wisdom which is seen in the poor choices that we make. He decided that His love and mercy should still prevail over our shortcomings and so He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins and redeem us back to Himself. Man’s first fall was as a result of disobedience which led us to a life of hardship. Now Christ has redeemed us and given us another opportunity to walk before Him perfectly in order to enjoy the good life God intended. It is left for you and I now to choose life by obeying His commandments and receiving His gift of mercy through His Son, our savior Jesus Christ.


Father please help me choose rightly your way of wisdom and walk in it so I can enjoy life abundantly in Jesus name.

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