God’s Love Will Be Your Sure Defense (5th September 2020)

Psalm 94:22 (KJV) –  But the Lord is my defense; and my God is the rock of my refuge

As our Lord and King, God has an obligation to protect we subjects. God has thousands of angels who were created to protect His children by keeping us safe from every form of harm. Schemes of satan are easily found and thwarted by these angels on our behalf. He also protects us from hunger and famine by providing us with silver and gold. Those who are upright in heart are saved and preserved against the raging sword of darkness and death. God is a rock and fortress who leads and guides us through life’s journey. Through His mercies we are not consumed in judgement but rather given another opportunity to live right.


Father please keep me within the reach of your mercy where I am safe from all ills.

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