God’s Love Will keep You from The Teeth of the Lion (16th November 2021)

Psalm 124:6 (KJV) – Blessed be the LORD, who hath not given us as a prey to their teeth.

There is a generation whose teeth are like teeth are swords and whose jaws are knives which they use to devour the oppressed from the earth and the needy from among men. Unless the Lord makes a way of escape for you, you will be constantly oppressed by the wickedness of men. They always compass round their victim and devour them, rendering them helpless and useless in life just being at the mercies of men. But God sent His son to save all who have been oppressed, suppressed and depressed by these evil predators. Today in any way you have been a victim of satanic violence, the Lord will deliver you from them all by His saving power.


Father please tear the mouth of lions constantly seeking to devour my destiny in Jesus name.

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