God’s Love Will Make His Name Renown (5th November 2021)

Deuteronomy 26:19 (NLT) – And if you do, he will set you high above all the other nations he has made. Then you will receive praise, honor, and renown. You will be a nation that is holy to the LORD your God, just as he promised.”

The only way God can be renown globally as powerful and as the only true God is when Christians strive together to lift His name high above any other name on earth. Church members must come together, church leaders must come together, and church organizations must work together to strategize on how to exalt the name of Jesus. It is only when we are united that God will make known what the riches of the glory which is in Christ Jesus to be revealed through the church, the hope of glory. May you be presented complete in Christ according to His power which mightily works within His vessels of glory.


Father please drive away disunity from the church in Jesus name.

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