God’s Love Will Make Your Crown to Flourish (23rd October 2021)

Ezekiel 21:26 (NLT) – This is what the Sovereign LORD says: “Take off your jeweled crown, for the old order changes. Now the lowly will be exalted, and the mighty will be brought down.

When the heart of a person becomes lifted and He forgets God as the source, that individual has just set themselves against God’s favor. God hates the proud, he detests a proud look. You must remain humble before the Lord, and He will exalt you. It was only those who pleased the Lord In the bible that God made their wealth and crown to endure forever like Abraham and David. If you do behave wisely He can pick you up and set you on a glorious thrown and cause your heart to flourish but if you do not, He will renounce His covenant with you and strip you of your honor and remove the crown from your head. Never put your hope in riches when they come but in the Lord who makes one rich without adding any sorrow to it.


My heart will not be lifted up to sin against You in Jesus name

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