God’s Love Will End The Delay (29th August 2021)

Psalm 74:10 (NLT) – How long, O God, will you allow our enemies to insult you? Will you let them dishonor your name forever?

When you get tired of being in captive and living below God’s standard then you can go to the Lord and cry out saying “This captivity Is too long. Father turn every delay to speed”. He will step in and turn things around until too many things will begin happening in your favor. God will cause a breaking forth from stagnation and multiply your breakthroughs within a short time causing you to soar in His grace and glory. God will pay back into the laps of your neighbors sevenfold the reproach they hurled at You. Every enemy that was involved in mocking and taunting will soon experience the salvation of your God. You are God’s anointed one and He will not hide himself forever, like a consuming fire he will save you from the dark valley.


Father please turn my delay to speed in Jesus name.

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