God’s Love Gives You Power To Get Wealth (19th July 2021)

Deuteronomy 8:18 (KJV) – Thou shalt remember the Lord your God for it is Him that gives us power to get wealth.

The basis for kingdom finances is to make us financial apostles that will propagate the gospel. God’s purpose for making you wealthy includes providing for the kingdom. Everything on the earth belongs to God including our finances. So you must seek God first in everything you do and maintain a quality relationship with Him. It is God’s perfect will for His people to control the resources of the earth. We have a part to play and until our path is done, God is never committed to giving us His power for wealth creation. Also realize that the greatest wealth on earth is wealth towards God. And so we would be judged based on the strength of our impact on earth and not on your bank account.


Father please help me to be liberal in my love for you so that it will translate to massive generosity towards your kingdom in Jesus name

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