God’s Love Will Make Up For Lost Rewards (19th May 2021)

Matthew 5:12a (KJV) – Rejoice and exult, because great is your reward in the heavens.

There are different ways a believer can loose a reward. When you break the rules that govern heavens operation in your life, you will miss a reward. When you refuse to pursue a reward that is due for receiving probably because of negligence or carelessness, you might miss the reward. Also because God works with timing, if you fail to ask for a reward at the due time you will miss it. May time and chance always favor you and may your spirit be sensitive to angelic activities around you. May your deeds of faithfulness be duly rewarded by God’s bountiful goodness and may everything that is yours come to you.


Father please increase my sensitivity to my time of visitation in Jesus name.

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