God’s Love Will Fill Your Mouth With Testimonies (16th April 2021)

Job 8:21 (NASB) – He will yet fill your mouth with laughter, and your lips with joyful shouting.

Blesses are they who hunger and thirst because they will be filled. You will be filled with the goodness of God. You will be filled with songs of victories. You will be filled with stories of how God turned your night to day and your sorrow to mourning like you were in a dream. You will be filled with experiences that can never fade away. Those who favor your well-being around you will see the goodness of God in your life and they will rejoice but fear will grip all the nay-sayers and mockers around you. Put your trust in God for in Him is everlasting strength.


Father my mouth is wide open hungry and in expectation, please with it with your goodness today in Jesus name.

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