God’s Love Will Teach You How To Make The Right Decision (16th March 2021)

Psalm 16:11 (GNT) – You will show me the path that leads to life; your presence fills me with joy and brings me pleasure forever.

Dealing with people and managing their attitudes can be a difficult task if not assisted by the Holy Spirit. But as Christians we are taught to love and accommodate people and not to run away from the responsibility of sharing God’s love with others. Jesus showed us how to live peacefully with others by deliberately refusing to sin against God through anger. We must also spend great time praying for more grace to accommodate people. The largeness of heart that we need to love and accept people more will be granted to us in the place of prayer. Also submit yourself to proper mentorship from more experienced children of God so they can guide your through pattern and actions as it relates to human relations.


Father help me to always wear a garment of kindness and longsuffering when dealing with people in Jesus name.

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