God’s Love Will kindle An Unquenchable Fire Burning In Your Soul (12th February 2021)

Psalm 104:4 (KJV) – Who makes his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire.

The consuming fire of God is one of His tools for judgement against wickedness. It is a requirement for any functional altar designed for fellowship with God. The fire of God provides fire by night to guide our way along the spiritual blueprint of our life. It is also a purifying agent that brings out gold from our lives. It is a system of drawing the hearts of men to repentance because when God send the fire, it consumes any work of ours that is not gold. Because of your desire to see more of God, you will be transformed into a continual altar of sacrifice for God.


Father purify me as gold so that I will be a beautiful ornament in the house of God in Jesus name.

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