God’s Love Will Be Your Immunity (19th January 2021)

Exodus 8:22-23 (BSB) – But on that day I will give special treatment to the land of Goshen, where My people live; no swarms of flies will be found there. In this way you will know that I, the LORD, am in the land. I will make a distinction between My people and your people. This sign will take place tomorrow.’ ”

He will deliver you from disaster and no calamity will fall on you. Every recurrent evil in your life will be addressed including age long sicknesses will be far from you. You will not go hungry or naked and in times of evil the sword of darkness will not pierce through your soul. He will deliver you from the strife and evil speaking’s of men and you will live fearless on earth. Because of God’s immunity, everywhere you step your foot on will be safe for habitation. Your children will grow up lovely and graceful and will bring you great peace.


Father immune me, my family and all our belongings from all forms of evil in Jesus name.

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