God’s Love Will Never Change Over Your Life (13th January 2021)

Isaiah 54:10 (NKJV) – For the mountains shall depart and the hills be removed, But My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,” Says the LORD, who has mercy on you.

Though the heavens and earth will pass away as the bible has written but one thing remains unchanging which is God’s Love. It will endure forever and that love will never be taken away from His children. We will always experience the goodness of His love over our lives till we leave this earth. Today’s devotional is a reminder that you must always walk in the knowledge of the love of God which you have received. His love will be your shield and defense and He will never fail to bail you out of unpleasant circumstances. That love will lift you unto honor and you will experience the glory of His presence. Engage the love of God over your daily affairs and watch everything you touch turn to gold.


Father please help me walk in the awareness of the depth of your love for me so that I will experience you all the days of my life in Jesus name.

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