God’s Love Will Be Your Unique Selling Point (3rd November 2020)

Isaiah 60:15 (NLT) – “Though you were once despised and hated, with no one traveling through you, I will make you beautiful forever, a joy to all generations.

Everyone wished for a life that full of color, very rich and blossoming with fun. We all long for a life that is appreciated and celebrated by all. We crave to be admired for our way of life, our successes and achievements. But all these things do not come automatically because God is the one who gives us distinctive ability for success. God alone can make your life so beautiful and desirable because of how much healing and joy you will exude for others to benefit from. The quality of your life is determined by your walk with God because His Spirit is our intelligence. The Holy Spirit will be your advantageous connection that will make you an appealing wonder to the world.


Father please crown all my efforts with success this month in Jesus mighty name.

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