God’s Love Will Command Great Victories For You (1st November 2020)

Psalm 44:4 (KJV) – You are my King and my God. You command victories for Israel.

Battles are not won with the sword or by the strength of man but it is God who shows us favor with His might and secures great victory for us. During a spiritual battle God’s outstretched arm picks us from the battlefield into a place of safety and then He beats down our foes to the ground. By the right hand of His righteousness He makes our way too slippery for the enemy to thread on. By the light of His countenance He takes cognizance of our affairs and approves them as He dims fit. God helps us on a timely and regular basis and in His favor He fills us with peace that passes all understanding.


Father please command a great victory which will lead me to my next level in Jesus name.

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