God’s Love Will Be Your Song In The Night (25th September 2020)

Job 35:10 (KJV) – “No one says, ‘Where is God my Maker, who gives songs in the night.”

The nighttime is usually dark and quiet. It is a time when men are tired and worn out and need some time off. People get most touchy in the night usually due to the accumulated fatigue from the day’s work. So also, we Christians have the night times in our lives when we get really tired and at these times, we need something soothing and this is why God gives us songs in the nighttime. God will be your song in the night, your soothing balm, and the calmness for your soul. He will be with you when you are experiencing a night season in your life and most assuredly your joy ill burst forth in the morning.


Father please fine tune my ears to be able to hear your sweet melodies in the night seasons of my life.


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