You Will Find Solace In God’s Love (29th August 2020)

Isaiah 32:17 (MSG) – And where there’s Right, there’ll be Peace and the progeny of Right: quiet lives and endless trust.

Wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberation from fear, worry, strife  etc. When God pours out His Spirit upon us, everything within and around us experiences a total transformation. Where there is strife the Holy Spirit will make that contention cease supernaturally and restore peace and joy unto us. You will live in a peaceable neighborhood and safe houses enjoying a blessed life in well-watered fields and gardens, and your farm animals will graze freely in green pastures. Amid the distress and wars happening in the world, you will be divinely exempted. You will live above this world, sitting in Heavenly places with Christ in God.


Father thank you for turning my neighborhood to a peaceful place for my sake in Jesus name.

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