God’s Love will Silence Mocking Voices (15th July 2020)

Lamentations 3:37 (AMP) – Who is there who speaks and it comes to pass, Unless the Lord has authorized and commanded it?

One of the benefits of the mouth is the powerful effect it releases while speaking. While some people have disciplined themselves to only speak great things and blessings, others are still in the dark web of mocking and jeering at others. They have a somewhat deluded mentality that what they feel or say should matter in the counsel of God concerning our lives. Today God is saying that it is only the good plans and thoughts that have been purposed for us before the world began that will come to pass forever. This means that any voice speaking counter to what God’s Word says about us should never be received by our spirits, soul and mind but rather be ignored and treated very frivolously. Whenever you hear the voices of mockers, be quick to remind them what God’s Word says concerning you and affirm to them that only the counsel of God will stand over your life and destiny.


Father please hasten the performance of Your Spoken Word over my life in Jesus name.

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