God’s Love Will Make You Fruitful (8th July 2020)

Psalm 1-3 (MSG) – You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, never dropping a leaf, always blossoming.

God is putting an end to every dryness in our lives. Dryness means working without getting results, wasted efforts and disappointments at the edge of every breakthrough. But God has a river that is for the healing of the nations. He plants His children deeply rooted in this river so we can be fruitful continuously. Just like the  different fruits in every season on earth, we also will become fruit- bearing trees all the days of our lives. And any illegal seed or fruit waster in our lives is uprooted by His mighty hand. This means that the works of our hands and our heart meditations will always produce results. Our partnerships will be successful and whatever we set our mind to do will prosper.


Father please fight against those fighting against my fruitfulness and let every area of my life become fruitful in Jesus name.


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