God’s Love Will Reveal Your True Virtues To The World (28th June 2020)

Isaiah 58:11 (KJV) – And the Lord shall guide thee continually and satisfy thy soul in drought and make thy bones fat: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters never fail.

Everyone loves receiving compliments. God blesses His children by sowing good seeds of virtue in our life which we are to develop and relate with others with that earns us rewards and compliments. We reap the harvest of walking in God’s Love but return the glory to God. You need God beside you to enable you stand strong and continue to be celebrated. To maintain virtues, you need to work hard. It takes hard work to get to a high position and continuous promotion. You need to work hard to maintain relationships. Once you are able to maintain this, you keep getting connected to the right people who will support you in revealing more of your virtues to more people. This will lead to continuous open doors which means continuous celebration and compliments (smiles).


Father I lean on you to keep blessing me with good seeds to sow in people’s lives and also strengthen my hard work in Jesus name.


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  1. Great piece ma, how do I get to keep and maintain relationships as a person that is a bit shy and mostly focused on my goals and ambitions, I hardly even notice people or relate with people except they are directly connected to my goals.
    How can I balance up such kind of personality with creating good relationships with people I come across, the relationships I’ve had in the past dies off when their contribution is over, very bad at making and keeping good relationships with people.

    1. Hello Sir,
      Thank you for your comment. Your shyness is your nature and that is good. But you must know that you are a treasure containing great value and so you ought to allow others have a taste of God’s glory working in your life. You do this not necessarily because of what you want to receive but because you want to show forth the Love of God. Even when their contribution is over, keep the communication lines open even if you do not have to talk to them on a regular basis, let them know at the end of their contribution that you appreciate their friendship. That person might know someone who you will need in the near future. Networking is very important especially in today’s world.
      I hope this helps.
      Thank you.

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