God’s Love Will Exceed Your Expectations (24th June 2020)

God can do more than we ask or think according to the power of His Love working in our lives. He asked us to come to Him expecting great things, but in His great love, He multiplies our expectations and upturns it until it exceeds what we were expecting. You might be waiting for a miracle, but God will make you a miracle worker. You are trusting God for a spouse, He will give you someone after His heart who will love you unconditionally and support your goals and aspirations and support you to make heaven. If you are trusting God for a child, God will give you one equivalent to a nation. If you are trusting God to own a house God will make you become a landlord. If you will to be a public speaker God will make you a global voice. All these and more are possible if we trust in His Love and become intimate with Him. Lean on His Love today!


Dear Lord help me to wait on you until I see the manifestation of your generous Love in my life in Jesus name.


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