God’s Love will make you courageous (23rd June 2020)

Matthew 14:27 (MSG) – But Jesus was quick to comfort them. “Take Courage, be of good cheer, it is I. Don’t be afraid.”

In today’s world with all that is going on, we need to hear Jesus constantly saying to us “take courage, be not afraid” We ought to believe that God is always by our side constantly cheering us to keep on doing well. God is quick to comfort us because He knows we sometimes forget the majesty presence of His protective Love that can keep us alive and safe from forces fighting our purpose. In God’s presence you receive strength to dare the devil, to break boundaries, to mount up on wings and soar regardless of the opposition. Not only that His presence renews our strength whenever we get weak or afraid. It is like an automated system of renewal.


Lord help me to always be aware of your presence that is a shelter in the time of storm in Jesus name


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